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Brazilian Paraibano Championship

Brazilian Paraibano Championship football players disputing ball during match

The Paraibano is the top-tier of football that is played in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. Being a regional league, it isn’t run by the Brazilian football federation. The local federation called Federação Paraibana de Futebol organises it. 

The league was founded way back in 1919, making it a very high-potential league for betting odds and betting rewards.

BetGold offers some great betting tips and predictions for the Paraibano Championship and these can be availed online right here. The league only includes teams from the state of Paraiba and while the format is subject to change, a similar format to many other regional leagues is followed.

The Paraibano Championship Format

It is said that while the formats are slightly changeable and have changed over the years, it is done to avoid conflicts for and amongst clubs that compete in the national Brazilian league- Brazilian Serie A.

Since the 2013 campaign, a similar format has been followed in the Paraibano league. The league follows two separate stages. The first is the initial league stage, where teams pick up points on the basis of the wins they pick up. A team gets three points for winning a game, while no points are awarded to the team that loses.

This rather simple format makes it easy to find betting odds for the Paraibano from some of the best sportsbooks online reviewed by BetGold’s 

A total of ten teams take part in the division. All of them are placed in a single group and the first round sees them play each other twice in the same season. This is called the round-robin format. The first game takes place at home and the second takes place away from home.

Once all the teams have played every game, their points are taken into consideration. The top-four teams gain the advantage because of having higher points and make their way into the second round of the competition.

The second round is more of a knockout phase. The top-four teams are the only ones to take part. They play each other in two-legged play-off ties. The fourth team plays the team that is first. The team that is second plays the team that is third. This allows for even competition and makes it tough for betting and those betters seeking odds.

After the two legs, the aggregate scores are looked at and the team that wins qualifies for the final.The two teams that win the play-off reach the final and the final is a two-legged affair too. The team that wins it is crowned the champion.

Brazilian Paraibano Championship Recent History

Renowned Botafogo have won the Paraibano title the most number of times in history- 30. They have been a dominating force in history and are also the reigning champions in the Paraibano, as they won the crown in 2019.

Paraibano Championship Betting Tips By BetGold

Not just that, they have won the title three times over the last three years and it shows how mighty a force they are. This also proves why Botafogo are a very reliable betting option for those interested in Paraibano betting.

BetGold don’t just offer great betting tips for the Paraibano, but offer some lucrative bonus deals for many other football and sports leagues in the world.

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