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Brazilian Paranaense U19 Championship

Paranaense U19 football player kicking the ball during football match

The Campeonato Paranaense, the state football championship for the state of Paraná in Brazil, also has a U-19 version, for the development of clubs’ youth players. It is played in conjunction with the senior tournament, and most of the clubs participating in the Campeonato Paranaense send their youth sides to participate in this tournament. 

As it is a competition for young players, it is a lot more exciting and inconsistent in terms of results, which makes it attractive for sports betting fans, with BetGold making available some of the best betting tips on all the matches as the competition progresses.

How Does Brazilian Paranaense U19 Championship Work?

The number of teams participating each year changes, based on the sides which send their youth teams for the Campeonato Paranaense U-19 edition, but is generally between 20 and 28. Last year’s tournament, for example, had 26 teams, divided into five groups, with one group having six teams and the others having five. 

Each team played the other teams in its groups home and away, in a double round-robin format, with 16 teams going ahead to the next round – the top three from the groups with five teams, and the top four from the solitary group with six teams. In the second phase of the Campeonato Paranaense U-19 tournament, the 16 teams are again divided into groups, this time four groups of four teams each. 

Another double round-robin series takes place, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the third phase. Here, yet again, the eight teams are divided into two groups of four, and after another home-and-away series of matches, the top two teams from each group move on to the semi-finals. 

The semi-finals and final are two-legged ties, with the winner on aggregate being declared the champion of the Campeonato Paranaense U-19 tournament. With such a long drawn-out group phase, there are ample opportunities for betting fans to back teams and place their bets on value options, as the odds fluctuate, and additionally, the format gives teams the opportunity to overturn the odds and do better than expected.

Why Betting On Paranaense Under 19

The Campeonato Paranaense U-19 tournament is extremely important from a development point-of-view, as it gives young players the opportunity to play in a competitive environment, and in a format similar to that of the senior tournament. 

A player could play up to 24 matches in one full season of the tournament, if his team reaches the final, which thus offers a lot of game time for young players to improve and develop their skills, and therefore have a chance of breaking into their club’s first-team squad. It also offers the chance for fans to see their teams’ young stars in action, and the format offers enough matches for the players to be able to show their abilities, and for fans to be able to judge whether they are good enough or not. 

Top Betting Tips For The Brazilian Paranaense U19 Championship

Finally, it is also extremely attractive for sports betting fans, since there are multiple matches with betting odds available to place bets on, and further, the format makes it possible for upsets to occur, which is again beneficial for those punters who take a chance on teams with long odds.

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