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Brazilian Paulista A2 Championship

camera plan of a goalkeeper legs in front of the nets during Brazilian Paulista Football cup match

The Campeonato Paulista Serie A2 is the second division of the São Paulo state football championship. Established along with the top division in 1906, there are 20 clubs which compete in the Paulista A2 league at present, with the top four teams being promoted to the Serie A1, and the four worst teams being relegated to Serie A3 at the end of each season. 

Thus, with a full league season played out, there are plenty of matches for betting fans to watch and place bets based on the odds, with BetGold having super betting deals for the best online bookmakers that can give amazing betting odds for all the matches in the Paulista A2.

Paulista A2 Championship Format And Structure

The format of the Paulista A2 is quite interesting as well. The 20 teams are divided into two groups of ten teams each, after which there is a double round-robin stage, with each team playing the other nine in its group home and away. At the end of this stage, the bottom two sides from each group are relegated, while the top four advance to the semi-finals. 

Contrary to the usual knockout format seen in most cup competitions, this stage is again a round-robin, with two groups of four teams each being formed. After this double round-robin stage, the top two teams in each group are promoted to Serie A1, while the group winners play each other in a final to crown the champions of the Paulista A2. 

With this type of format, there is ample opportunity for teams to make comebacks and improve even if they start off badly, making the Paulista A2 an interesting competition for sports betting fans. With betting odds fluctuating based on form as the tournament goes on, it is extremely fun for fans and punters alike, and the chances of odds being overturned make it potentially good value for betting fans.

Since four clubs get promoted and four get relegated, meaning that eight out of the 20 clubs are different each season, there has not been a sustained run of dominance in the Paulista A2 since its inception. XV de Piracicaba are the club with the most number of Paulista A2 titles, having won it five times, with their last win coming in 2011. 

Recent Winners Of The Brazilian Paulista A2 Championship

The most recent winners are Santo André, for whom it was their fourth title win, but happily for the club, it will be a while till they can go level with XV, since they were promoted to Serie A1 following that title win. Four clubs have won the Paulista A2 thrice, while 12 clubs have won it twice, and 24 clubs have won it at least once. 

This dispersion and spread of title winners is good for betting fans, as they can look for new teams to back, with the odds of repeat winners being low. Further, there are also betting odds available on the promotion and relegation spots every season, giving punters even more markets with odds to try their luck on.

Why Should You Bet On The Paulista A2 League

The Paulista A2, despite being the second-division of a state championship, is still extremely well-followed amongst Brazilian football fans, especially once the regular league stage is completed and the semi-final round-robin stage begins.

Betting on smaller divisions can give you more chances to win big time and BetGold is the perfect place to find top betting tips and fresh news about these state leagues.

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