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Brazilian Paulista Championship Série B

Brazilian Paulista B Championship football players disputing ball during match

The Campeonato Paulista Serie B is the lowest division of the state football championship in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. It is effectively the fourth tier of the Campeonato Paulista, with Serie A1, Serie A2 and Serie A3 all above it in the classification ladder. 

The number of teams in each season of the Paulista Serie B varies from season to season, with the top four teams being promoted to Serie A3 for the following campaign. Despite being the fourth division of a state championship, the Paulista Serie B is well-followed, and there are a number of online betting sites that BetGold has already reviewed, where there are betting odds available on matches in the league, as well as other betting markets.

History Of The Campeonato Paulista Série B (Second Division)

The number of teams in the Paulista Serie B has varied, with the 2011 season having 45 teams, for example, but the 2019 season having 41 teams, and the 2020 season seeing 42 teams participating. 

Paulista Série B Championship Format

The format of the Paulista Serie B, which makes it appealing for betting fans, sees the teams split into six groups of seven teams, or lesser depending on the number of teams taking part in that particular season. The teams play each other home and away, with the top four teams from each group qualifying for the next round. Here, the 24 teams are again split into six groups, this time of four teams each, and a similar round-robin format follows. 

Again, the top two teams from the six groups move forward to the third round, along with the four best third-placed sides across the groups, to have yet another group stage, with four groups of four teams. After the usual home-and-away series of fixtures here, the top two teams from each group move on to the quarter-final stage. 

From here on, the fixtures are two-legged knockout ties, including the final, with the four semi-finalists being promoted to the Serie A3 for the following season. This format may change depending on the number of teams competing each year, but has remained fairly consistent, with only the number of knockout stages changing. 

Does It Worth Betting On The Paulista Série B?

Thus, with three group stages, there are a lot of matches and thus a lot of betting opportunities for punters, with odds on all of the matches. It allows for betting fans to be able to judge the teams and their form, and then be able to back the teams most likely to make it to the knockout rounds, while also having the ability to see teams who could upset the odds and perform better than expected in the Paulista Serie B.

Brazilian Paulista Série B Championship Betting Tips

The Paulista Serie B is one of the most high-profile fourth division football tournaments in the world, probably, given that it attracts a significant amount of support, and also because it is part of the São Paulo football championship, which is one of the most prestigious of Brazil’s state football championships. 

With betting odds available at various online betting sites, this tournament is a good way for punters to be introduced to Brazilian football, and offers the potential for a number of value picks if the teams can be identified correctly based on the odds offered.

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