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Brazilian Copa Paulista

camera plan of a goalkeeper legs in front of the nets during Brazilian Paulista Football cup match

The Copa Paulista, is a state-level football cup competition held in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, organized by the Federação Paulista de Futebol (FPF), the governing body for football in São Paulo. It is held in the second half of every season, with teams not participating in the Brazilian league taking part, along with the reserve teams of those clubs competing in the Brazilian league. 

Since its foundation in 1999, it is an immensely popular football tournament in Brazil, and there are a number of online betting options for betting fans, with odds available on BetGold for the tournament.

History Of The Copa Paulista Tournament

The Copa Paulista winner initially used to qualify for the following season’s Copa do Brasil, the national football cup competition for Brazilian clubs. Since 2007, however, the winner of the Copa Paulista qualifies for the Recopa Sul-Brasileira, which is a cup competition between the winners of the different regional cup competition winners in Brazil. 

Copa Paulista Format

At present, the Copa Paulista is contested by 24 clubs, with there being a group stage, and then two-legged knockouts, including the final as well. Thus, there is ample opportunity for betting fans to be able to back their choice of teams, based on the odds and the team’s performance as the cup competition progresses.

Since it was established, a number of teams have won the Copa Paulista. In 21 editions of the tournament so far, Paulista Futebol Clube have won the most number of Copa Paulista titles, with three wins. The current winners are Sao Caetano, who won their first title after beating XV de Piracicaba 4-3 on aggregate in the 2019 final. 

Brazilian Copa Paulista Best Teams

The big teams from the state of São Paulo, namely Santos and São Paulo, have not fared well in the Copa Paulista, due to the fact that they are usually competing in the Brazilian national league at the time this tournament is held, and thus send their reserve sides to play. Santos have a solitary win in the Copa in 2004, but other than that, the cup has generally been won by the smaller state sides. 

This makes betting on the Copa Paulista extremely interesting, with there being the potential for great value from some of the smaller sides, based on the odds and the strength of the reserve sides sent by the likes of Santos and São Paulo.

Why Betting On The Paulista Cup

The Copa Paulista remains one of the most prestigious cup tournaments in Brazil, as clubs from the football heavyweight state of São Paulo compete in it. Some of the best betting tips for the tournament are available on BetGold, and it makes for a good introduction to Brazilian football for those who have not followed the sport in the country before this. 

With multiple smaller state sides doing well in the tournament, this gives an opportunity for them to come into the limelight and be able to benefit from the greater attention, as the games are all televised as well across the country. 

Learn more about the Brazilian state football cups with BetGold Sports page.

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