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Brazilian Pernambucano Championship

Brazilian players disputing ball during a Pernambucano Championship match

One of the top footballing regions of Brazil is Pernambuco. The Pernambucano is the 10-team division which determines the placing of teams in the national championships. Ever since 1915, teams in the region have contested the title, with a fair share amongst the best.

Pernambucano Championship Background

BetGold allows you to study with our betting tips for Brazil’s Pernambucano division. Betting on league winners, top goalscorers for the season and scorers in every match is encouraged. Though one of the region’s big teams may run away with the title, the others can upset the odds if they put a decent run together.

There are some eras where one particular team has dominated Brazil’s Pernambucano: in the 1960s it was Nautico, who finished first or second every season aside from one between 1954 and 1968; in the 1970s and 1980s, Santa Cruz went from nine wins to 20; Sport Club do Recife (Sport) took their 20th title in 1975, then their 30th in 1997. Sport won seven titles in a period of 10 years in the 1990s, then five consecutive titles between 2006 and 2010.

Brazilian Pernambucano Championship Recent History

The current Sport squad is led by captain Sander. New signings Lucas Mungi and Leandro Barcia hope to hammer in the goals after their moves to their new employers, while in 2019 Hernane scored 14 goals for the club while on loan from Bahia. He has previously starred for Flamengo, with whom he won the Brazil Cup in 2013. South American talent can help boost the odds of any team in Brazil’s Pernambucano.

Top Teams In The Pernambucano Championship

Currently, when it comes to titles, Sport sit on top of the leaderboard for Brazil Pernambucano with 42. Santa Cruz (29) and Nautico (22) follow behind. Sport are the current holders, having won the 2019 title over their two rivals. Sport v Santa Cruz is known as the Derby of Crowds, while Sport v Nautico is called the Derby of Derbies. Betting on one of these three teams at any point in the season is prudent.

Santa Cruz and Nautico are therefore trying to wrestle back the title from Sport and eat into their lead in terms of trophies. The former side’s number nine is Pipico, a veteran who has played for many clubs but seems to be enjoying an Indian Summer in his mid-thirties. Betting on Pipico to win games for Santa Cruz is advisable.

The odds may also be lower thanks to a solid defence. Nautico, also known as Capibaribe, have Diego Silva at centre-back and have brought in Ronaldo Alves for a second spell; in fact, he played for Sport for three seasons, which makes any matches between his new and former team all the more spicy for him.

Success In The Pernambucano Championship

There is every chance that the Pernambucano will provide fans of Brazilian football with an introduction to the next big superstar. Indeed, Newcastle’s striker Joelinton moved to Europe after being spotted by Hoffenheim. 

Despite his recent struggles in front of goal, Joelinton is respected as a great footballer from Pernambuco; he was born in Alianca and played for Sport during the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

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