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Brazilian Primeira Liga

Brazilian Primeira Liga football player cheering goal

The Brazilian Primeira Liga was founded in 2015, and consists of teams from the Southern part of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Ceará and Minas Gerais states. Being just five years old, it is still a relative unknown in the world of online betting, but Brazilian football is a fantastic opportunity to see future superstars before they become a household name, with the likes of Neymar, Ronaldinho, and more recently Gabriel Martinelli beginning their footballing journey in the country.

The competition traditionally lasts from January until mid-April, a time when many European leagues are having a ‘winter break’, which makes it a fascinating opportunity to continue betting on football. Due to the lack of knowledge on the league, great odds can often be found on whatever team you choose to adopt. 

Brazilian Primeira Liga Format And Structure

The inaugural season of the competition was made up of 12 teams, including clubs such as Gremio, Atletico Mineiro, Fluminense and Atletico Paranaense. These twelve teams were drawn into three groups, each team playing the other three teams in their group. 

The top team in each group automatically qualified for the finals, whilst the best-runner up (points-wise) joined them. The competition then continues in a knockout format beginning at the semi-final stage. These sides tend to be very evenly matched, as the inaugural season demonstrated. One semi-final was settled by just a single goal, whilst the other went to penalties. 

The even nature of the sides means that these rounds represent fantastic opportunities for online betting, as the odds are not stacked in one side’s favour. Fluminense, a side based in Rio de Janeiro, were the first winners of the competition, defeating Atletico Paranaense 1-0 in a tense final, in front of a crowd of nearly 24,000 people. 

Brazil Primeira Liga Top Teams

That Paranaense, who only qualified as the best runner-up in the group stage, were, completely against-the-odds, able to come so close to victory demonstrates the competitive nature of the league, and why Brazilian Primeira Liga betting has the potential be so rewarding 

Ahead of the 2017 edition of the tournament, the league was Primeira Liga was expanded to include four more teams, taking the total to 16 teams. To accommodate this, a fourth group was added, including the further four clubs. 

At the end of the round-robin format, the top two sides from each group advanced to the knockout rounds, which this time began at the quarter-finals rather than the semi’s. This created an even greater betting opportunity as clubs had to navigate one further, closely matched round, to lift the trophy. Of the seven knockout rounds in 2017, three had to be settled via a penalty shoot-out, whilst another two were settled by just 1-0 wins. Due to the difficulty in choosing an outright winner, these games provided great odds, which suited online betting perfectly.   

Brazilian Primeira Liga Betting Tips By BetGold

BetGold offers some of the best predictions on the market when it comes to betting on Brazilian football. Whilst you can, of course, bet on the result, BetGold offers fantastic tips whether it’s on the number of goals, corners, yellow cards, and even the minute that goals will be scored in, allowing a much more immersive betting experience.

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