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Brazillian Série A

Gabriel Barbosa celebration goal in Brasileirão match

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A is the top tier of football in Brazil. While it is also known as Brasileirão, it is also called the Brazilian Serie A. It is at the top of the Brazilian football pyramid and is the country’s most renowned competition in the game. It is also a paradise for bettors online.

The Brazilian Serie A was initially founded under a different name back in 1959. But it acquired the current name only in 1971. While some format has changed over time, it has remained the same over the last few years.

Brazilian Football League Format

It follows the same pattern as the other major leagues in world football. Brazilian Serie A has a total of 20 teams playing in it, with the relegation and promotion system following as normal. The team that finishes at the top wins the title, the bottom four in the Brazilian Serie A gets relegated to Serie B.

The league follows a round-robin format. Each team plays the other twice- once at home and once away. Once every team has played 38 games each, the league ends and that is when the final spots are decided.

How Brazilian Teams Qualify For Copa Libertadores

As for qualification for international tournaments, the top six of the Brazilian Serie A qualify for the Copa Libertadores. The top four earn direct qualification into the group stages. While the fifth and sixth position teams play two extra knockout stages to reach the group stages.

How Brazilian Teams Qualify For Copa Sudamericana

Since 2016, teams from the seventh to the 12th position qualify for the Copa Sudamericana. The number of European spots in place makes Brazilian Serie A a very interesting league.

Biggest Winner Of Brazilian Serie A

Palmeiras have won the Brazilian Serie A the most number of times- ten. But the reigning Champions happen to be Flamengo, who won the title in the 2019 season. It was their first title since 2009, with Palmeiras having finished second. Corinthians have won the title thrice in the last three years. The variety in the number of champions makes Brazilian Serie A betting very lucrative.

2019 Brazilian Serie A

Flamengo’s Gabriel Barbosa had an impressive league campaign. On loan from Inter Milan, Gabigol became the betting favourite with his tally of 34 goal contributions. The Brazilian’s record in the previous season saw him generate some great odds for betting.

Fla’s own Bruno Henrique had also impressed last season. The Brazilian had scored 21 goals in the campaign, having contributed to 24 percent of his team’s goals. The combination of Gabigol’s performances and Bruno Henrique’s abilities helped Fla seal the title for the sixth time in their history.

Flamengo had finished as many as 16 points clear of second-placed Santos last season. Considering that dominance, Fla should still be the betting favourites to win the Brazilian Serie A in 2020. Find all the information you need to place your bets on Brazil Serie A with BetGold’s betting tips and predictions website.

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