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Brazilian Série B

Vasco da Gama football player cheering a goal in a Brazilian Série B game

The Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, or simply known as the Série B, is the second tier of the national football league system in Brazil. While it doesn’t contain all of the biggest Brazilian clubs sides, who mainly are to be to be found in the Série A, there are still a number of watchable teams and good players competing in the league. 

Série B Betting can still throw up a number of great odds that online betters will be keen to investigate.

Brazilian Serie B History And Format

Founded in 1971, Série B sees teams from all over the nation compete against each other, in an attempt to be promoted up to Série A, and also to avoid being relegated down to Série C. This means there are always intriguing ties to be found at both ends of the league, making every game worth betting on. With each of the 20 sides playing each twice, that gives online betters an impressive 740 unique games to bet on, meaning there are always some odds worth exploring.

Unlike in many football leagues across the globe, four sides are both promoted and relegated from the division every single season. It means that many sides will be confident in gaining promotion to the top of the Brazilian football pyramid, and will do everything they can to win each game. 

It also puts some of the weaker teams in greater jeopardy, as they know they won’t be able to coast in games, purely in the hope that there are four worse sides than them. This level of excitement across a whole league is rare to come by, which is why BetGold customers should pay extra attention to the odds on offer on top sportsbooks.

Successful Teams Of the Brazilian Série B

São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pará and Pernambuco are just a number of the Brazilian states that have been represented by sides in Série B in the recent years. The most recent winner of the competition was Red Bull Bragantino. 

Re-formed only last year, the influx of funds from the energy drink giant gave them the players and staff they needed to succeed in making it to Série A on the first time of asking. People betting online will be wise to monitor Bragantino once football resumes in Brazil, to see if they receive favourable odds in the higher division.

América Mineiro are one of the few sides in Série B history to have won the league title on more than one occasion. They were last victorious in 2017, gaining promotion back up to the top tier. However, their time at the top was short lived as they were relegated straight back down. Despite a recent 5th place finish, BetGold customers will be intrigued to see how well they perform in the next season.

Success In Série B With BetGold

Série B Betting is a great way to spot the rising teams in Brazil early, and get great odds on them before they become too successful. BetGold not only offers great betting tips on all Série B games, but all of the state and national Brazilian football leagues.

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