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FIFA Confederations Cup

FIFA Confederations Cup official ball

The Confederations Cup was an international tournament where some of the best sides from across the world came together to face off against each other. While not one of the more traditionally big international competitions,it still saw some of the top teams and greatest players in world football. 

Online betting for the competition was always exciting, as the games threw up a number of very intriguing odds. For any fans of betting on international football, Confederations Cup betting was always compelling.

Confederations Cup History

The first edition of the tournament was held in 1992, when Saudi Arabia wanted to compete against sides from a number of the different confederations in world football. While the Saudi’s did successfully organise two of these competitions (with the second being held in 1995) FIFA took it upon themselves to take charge of the idea, and launched the first official version of the Confederations Cup in 1997.

Format And Structure of The FIFA Confederations Cup

In the first final 13 years ago, the two sides competing for the trophy were Brazil and Australia. As Brazil had won the World Cup only three years before, the South American sides were odds on to beat the side from down under. 

As predicted they hammered the Aussies 6-0, in an incredibly one sided game. Had online betting been around back then, you’d imagine the majority of people would’ve taken Brazil’s favourable odds, and would have been very pleased with the outcome.

While originally held every two years, it was decided in 2005 that the Confederations Cup should be held every four years, the year before the World Cup finals. This meant it was a perfect warm up competition, giving international sides a chance to try out some players on the fringes of their squads, to see if they could impress.

The 2005 final was a classic, as it saw the old rivals Brazil and Argentina come up against each other. The odds would’ve been very close as both sides were two of the powerhouses in world football. It was the Seleção who came out on top in the game, winning 4-1.

Best Teams Of The Football Tournament

In fact, Brazil are the side who have dominated more than any other in the tournament, having won it on four separate occasions. Held in South Africa in 2009, they defeated the United States in a tense game, overcoming them in a tight match that ended 3-2. Then four years later the competition was held on home soil, and it was the then world champions Spain who stood between them and further glory. Again, Brazil were able to swat aside the opposition, claiming a relatively routine 3-0 victory. 

The South American side did not participate in the most recent tournament in 2017, meaning it was wide open for all the other sides. The odds on favourites were Germany, who had won the 2014 World Cup. They carried on their strong form, as they beat Chile 1-0 in the final. 

While the future of the Confederations Cup is unclear, rest assured that BetGold will be able to offer great betting tips on all future international games as well as offering its customers all the most profitable sports betting bonuses in the market.

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