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Italian Lega Pro

There are many bettors around the world that enjoy Lega Pro betting as the competition provides them with a number of top opportunities to turn and turn a profit with the action provided.

The Lega Pro is Italy’s third tier in regards to the football pyramid, although many may know it as the Serie C. BetGold will be able to provide those looking to get involved in the online betting of this tournament with some of the best Serie C betting tips, thus making it the number one option for many!

What Is The Serie C?

The Lega Pro Group A is just one part of the Serie C competition, which makes it hugely exciting for those following the game in Italy. 

How Does The Italian Football Lega Pro Work?

There are 20 teams that compete in the Lega Pro Group A, with each of the football clubs involved being based in the northern and central western regions of Italy. The Lega Pro Group B involves the teams from the north and central east, whereas the Lega Pro Group C consists of teams from the central and southern regions.

Each division follows the same format in which a total of 38 matches will be played by both sides throughout the season as they face each other twice. The top team of each division will win automatic promotion to Serie B whereas the teams that finish between second and tenth will head into a playoff competition against each other.

Teams finishing at the bottom of the Lega Pro will be relegated to Serie D whilst the teams that finish in the four positions above them will then need to fight for survival in a relegation playoff tournament.

Due to the number of games being played and the competitiveness of the competition in Italy, it is no surprise that Italy Lega Pro betting has seen a huge boost over the years and has attracted many players looking to further enhance their online betting experiences.

Background Of The Italian Third Division

The Italy Serie C has seen a revival other the years as there have been some changes to the format that is played in the country, although the division has stayed much the same over the years.

Of course, with 60 football clubs competing for three places in the following season’s Serie B competition, it has remained highly competitive and has seen a number of clubs remain in the division for a significant period of time. However, due to the nature of the division, the Lega Pro odds can usually be rather competitive as well for those looking to get in on the online betting experience the football provides.

Why Should I Trust BetGold’s Betting Tips For The Lega Pro?

Indeed, as mentioned previously, BetGold can be the best place to get involved with online betting as we provide some of the best Lega Pro predictions available. Therefore, if you are looking to get involved in Lega Pro betting, then using BetGold should not even need to be something that is thought about.

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