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Ligue 1

Kylian Mbappé disputing ball in a Ligue 1 football match against Lyon

Ligue 1 is the top football league in France, and one of the most interesting leagues in all of Europe. It has a number of great sides and some of the world’s best players for fans of the sport to place bets on. Ligue 1 Betting is a must for football fans and online betters alike, and there really is no better place to do it than with BetGold.

French Football First Division History

First established in 1930, Ligue 1 consists of 20 teams. The top three sides are entered into the Champions League (though the third place team has to go through a qualifying stage) with the team finishing in fourth going into the Europa League group stage. 

Relegation from Ligue 1 is especially intriguing for online betting fans; the bottom two sides go down automatically, but the side finishing third bottom have the extra jeopardy of a playoff with the 3rd place side from Ligue 2. It certainly is a thrilling way to decide relegation, with some enticing odds for any BetGold fans looking to place bets on the outcome.

Ligue 1 Top Teams

Historically the most successful side in Ligue 1 are Saint-Etienne, who have won the title on ten different occasions. Their triumphant streak came in the 1960s and 1970s, where they won eight championships out of fourteen. However they haven’t won the league since 1980, so online betters would be wary before betting on them to win another title, and should consider their odds carefully. After them the next top side are Marseille and Paris Saint Germain, who have nine titles each.

Teams And Players To Follow On The Ligue 1

Paris Saint Germain (more commonly known as PSG) are the dominant force in French football today. They have won seven out of the last eight Ligue 1 titles, making them an absolute favourite with odds makers and online betters. Backed by wealthy owners, they have created a formidable team that is the envy of every other side in France. 

Their two key players are the Brazilian forward Neymar, and the French youngster Kylian Mbappé. Neymar previously was a star at Barcelona, before becoming the world’s most expensive player in a €222 million move back in 2017. 

Meanwhile Mbappé, one of the world football’s rising stars, transferred from rivals Monaco in the same year. Many predict he will go on to become the best player in the world. He is certainly a favourite according to BetGold’s outright predictions for Ligue 1 top scorer.

Following  Mbappé’s departure, and the loss of many of their other key players, Monaco have struggled in recent seasons. However, they managed to surprise everyone, including the odd makers, when they won the 2016/17 Ligue 1 title. Will they ever be able to replicate this achievement? Only time will tell.

Betting On The French Football First Division

Ligue 1 Betting is something all BetGold fans should get excited about. With over 760 different games to bet on, and with a wide variety of betting markets to choose from, you will always find a team or player to get some great odds on top sportsbooks, plus you can do it now with extra cash thanks to our betting bonuses.

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