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Spanish Segunda División

Raul de tomás playing for Espanyol on La Liga 2

Spain’s Segunda División is the country’s second tier within the football pyramid, thus being one below the La Liga competition. There are a number of strong teams to feature in the league competition, therefore making it hugely competitive and a great division for those looking to further enhance their online betting experiences.

BetGold recognises how strong the competition is and how popular it is with bettors, which is why we offer some of the best La Liga 2 betting tips that are available on the internet.

How Does The Spanish Football Second Division Work?

La Liga 2 features 22 teams each season as each of them look to try and compete for a place in La Liga the following season. However, because of how competitive the competition is, there are only a few teams that will be able to achieve that accomplishment from each edition.

The two teams that play well enough to finish in the top two positions in the La Liga 2 earn the right to play in Spain’s top division automatically, whilst football clubs finishing between third and sixth will need to compete in a playoff tournament as there is only one further place up for grabs.

Does It Worth To Bet On La Liga 2?

In addition, Segunda División betting has proven incredibly popular because there is competitive action at the bottom of the division as well. With four teams in the bottom spots facing the possibility of relegation each season, almost all of the 199 matches to be played each season can be expected to be competitive contests.

In order for 199 matches to be played, each team will play a total of 42 fixtures each season; with one being played at home and one away all across the country in a round-robin style tournament and this format has only further enhanced the Segunda División betting opportunities that are available to those looking to conduct some online betting on the action.

History Of The La Liga 2

The Segunda División is one of the oldest professional football leagues in the world as it was first established in 1929 by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, although it has since been organised by the Liga de Futbol Profesional since 1984.

However, the aforementioned playoff system has only recently been introduced, having been brought into the division in the 2010/11 season. This only helped to create further appeal surrounding the division as this helped to create even more Segunda División betting opportunities for punters.

There have been a number of top teams to have featured in the spanish football second division over the years and some continue to remain, which is why the La Liga 2 odds can be as competitive as they are at times.

Why Use BetGold To Find Betting Tips For The Spanish Second División?

Speaking of comprehensive Spanish Segunda División tips, BetGold should be the number one destination for those looking to partake in online betting in regards to this competitive football league. Indeed, BetGold provides members with some of the very best La Liga 2 predictions and betting offers available anywhere on the internet.

In fact, we have a close relationship with some of the best bookmakers available on the internet and online betting has never been better for punters looking to get in on the Spanish football action.

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