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UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying

Irish football player controling ball on a UEFA Women's Euro 2022 Qualifying match

Women’s football has certainly seen an increase in online betting in recent years as bettors have been exposed to the quality of football that is on offer within the women’s sport. Indeed, the UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying tournament is one such example, as it has seen some of the best teams in Europe each compete against each other for a place at the 2022 finals.

Using BetGold can be a great way for bettors to enjoy the online betting experience associated with the tournament, as we will provide some of the best UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying betting tips and bonuses available on the internet.

How Does The Qualifying Rounds For The UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Football Competition Work?

As mentioned, the UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying tournament features all of the nations that play women’s football within the continent. Each of the countries that are involved have one main aim; to be able to qualify for the UEFA 2022 European Championships which will be held in England.

Therefore, England have already qualified automatically as hosts, however UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying betting can still be incredibly attractive due to the other teams that are involved.

UEFA Euro Women’s Qualifiers Format

There are a total of 55 nations competing in the qualifying stages of the competition and with just 15 spots available due to England’s automatic place, there are certainly some hugely competitive UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying odds in top sports betting sites reviewed by BetGold.

The competition sees the 55 teams be split into nine groups that consist of either five or six teams. The top team from each group will seal their place in the main finals of the competition, whilst those that finish in second will head into the playoffs. The best three teams to finish in second will automatically seal their place, whilst the remaining six will need to compete in a playoff stage.

The three winners from the six teams will then seal their place at the UEFA 2022 Women’s European Championship tournament in England. With this format in place, it should be no surprise that BetGold provide some of the best UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying predictions.

UEFA Euro Women’s Previous Champions

The competition has already seen the likes of England, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany and Iceland each qualify for the 2022 Women’s European Championships, however there are still a number of places up for grabs for many of the other teams involved in the tournament.

Players To Follow In The UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying Rounds

UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying betting could not be any more competitive than it is already because of the talented individuals that are currently playing in the competition. There have been a number of women to have proven prolific in the tournament, thus further enhancing the potential online betting opportunities available to punters. Names such as Tine De Caigny, Sherida Spitse, Caroline Graham Hansen and Vivianne Miedema.

Why Use BetGold To Find The Best Betting Tips For The UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Qualifiers?

For those that are looking for some of the best predictions and betting tips for the UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying rounds, they should look no further than BetGold. We provide bettors with a quality UEFA Euro 2022 Women’s Qualifying betting tips online throughout the competition and will continue to do so.

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