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German Handball-Bundesliga

Handball is a hugely popular sport in a number of European countries and Germany is one such nation that has a highly competitive handball league. The German Handball-Bundesliga is one of the top leagues within the sport and has been in operation for over 50 years.

BetGold provides all top Germany Handball Bundesliga betting tips on the most profitable markets available for those looking to further enhance their online betting experiences with some Germany Bundesliga betting.

How Does The Germany Bundesliga Handball League Work?

The Germany Bundesliga typically features 18 teams, although the 2020/21 campaign saw 20 teams take part in the country’s top division because of the pandemic that had cancelled the previous season prematurely.

Following a league format, each team will play 34 matches across a usual season, with each team being played twice; once at home and once whilst on the road. Whilst the champion will be crowned by obtaining the most points overall, the top two teams will qualify for the Handball Champions League.

Handball Champions League, EHF Cup And 2.Bundesliga

Usually, the teams that finish third, fourth and fifth will qualify for the EHF Cup. One way of looking at this to understand it clearer is by looking it in the way of the world of football, as the top two/three/four teams qualify for the Champions League, whereas the next couple of teams achieve a place in the Europa League.

Additionally, the two teams that finish bottom of the Germany Bundesliga Handball league will be relegated to the Germany 2nd Bundesliga. Due to the increase in teams for the 20/21 season, the bottom four places meant relegation, thus providing an increased opportunity for Germany Bundesliga betting.

History Of The German Handball First Division

The Germany Bundesliga handball league has provided bettors with a number of opportunities to get involved in online betting over the years as it has been hugely competitive since its inception just over half a century ago.

The competition was initially scheduled to take place across two regional sections, with Northern and Southern sections having been provided. However, the league merged together to form its current format, which has been used since 1977.

Indeed, whilst the competition has been dominated by a couple of teams that feature, the Germany Bundesliga odds can still prove to be rather attractive at times, as the league does feature a sense of unpredictability at times.

Whilst there have been some incredibly talented players to take part in the competition, with many of the world’s best playing regularly, handball teams such as THW Kiel and VfL Gummersbach have both proven to be incredibly successful throughout the history of the tournament.

Betting Tips For The German Handball Bundesliga By BetGold

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