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Finnish SM-Liiga

SM-Liiga Finnish ice hockey players in the bench

Ice Hockey is hugely popular in Finland and it is perhaps down to the fact that they have one of the most competitive sports leagues available in the game. The Finnish SM Liiga is arguably one of the top leagues in the European game, which is why there has been a large rise in online betting regarding the tournament.

Indeed, BetGold is one of the top destinations for those looking to get in on the Finnish SM Liiga betting action as we provide some of the best Finnish SM Liiga betting tips compared to other competitors.

Finnish SM Liiga Competition Format

Although there are only 15 teams involved in the Finnish SM Liiga currently – this can be expanded or decreased depending on circumstances each team find themselves under; the competition remains intensely fierce as each team looks to reach the playoffs and compete to be crowned the overall winner of the competition.

All of the teams will typically play 60 matches each season as they compete in a quadruple round robin format that features extra local double rounds. Essentially, this means each team will play an additional two matches against a local opponent on top of the four that they would have initially played.

Each match will require a winner, thus it is important to realise that draws do not exist when getting involved with Finnish SM Liiga betting for the very first time. Each contest does last 60 minutes and will involve overtime if needed.

Finnish Ice Hockey SM Liiga Playoffs

Once the regular season has come to an end, the six best teams to have finished at the top of the Finnish SM Liiga will head directly into the playoff rounds. However, the teams that finish between seventh and tenth will also have a chance to join them via the preliminary playoff rounds. These matches are contested on a best out of three series and the two winners will advance.

Each of playoff matches take place over a best of seven series format, thus providing bettors with a great chance to make the most of some great Finnish SM Liiga odds that are on offer. Teams are paired depending on league rankings, thus the highest-ranked side will play the lowest-ranked team.

History Of The SM Liiga Ice Hockey Competition

As with many sporting leagues around the world, the Finnish SM Liiga has undergone a number of changes to the format or league over the years, however it has managed to remain incredibly competitive over the years.

Whilst some of the best ice hockey players in the world have each played in the division at some point of their careers, there are still a number of quality players playing in the division still, thus increasing the appeal for online betting continuously.

The Finnish SM Liiga has seen a number of teams dominate the competition for a number of years, however the league remains competitive enough to enjoy some of the best Finnish SM Liiga odds available.

Why Should I Use BetGold To Find Predictions For The SM Liiga?

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