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Russian KHL

Arguably one of Europe’s top Ice Hockey leagues, Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League provides bettors with a number of great opportunities to get involved with the online betting aspect of the sport. There are teams from all across Europe and even Asia that get involved with the league competition, thus making it hugely exciting.

BetGold provides bettors with a number of opportunities when looking to get involved with Russia KHL betting as we provide some of the best Russia KHL betting tips that are available to those using the best online sportsbooks.

How Does The Russia KHL Competition Work?

As mentioned, the Russia KHL competition does not just host teams from Russia. Although 18 of the 23 teams that compete in the ice hockey league do come from the Soviet state, there are teams from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland, Latvia and even China to have all competed in previous editions of the competition.

Traditionally, these teams will play a total of 62 games in each season, as they compete in different Conferences – Eastern and Western. Each team will play four games against each divisional opponent (20), whilst playing three games against each non-divisional opponent (18) and a further two games against each non-conference opponent (24). 

KHL Ice Hockey League Playoffs

Following the league format, the top eight ranked teams will then qualify for the playoff season as they compete for the Gargain Cup. With quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals all to be contested for the Cup, there are plenty of online betting opportunities in regards to Russia KHL betting.

Each playoff game is scheduled to take place with a best of seven series format, with each of the top teams paired with the teams that are lowest ranked. For example, the top team will play the lowest ranked side, whilst second will play seventh.

Background Of The Russia Ice Hockey League

The KHL has undergone a plethora of changes over the years, however the competition very much remains the same. There have been a number of teams who have unfortunately had to fold due to various circumstances, whilst there have been teams that have been in existence from the very beginning.

Sergei Mozyakin has been one of the best players in the history of the Russia KHL to have ever appeared in the league as he has held numerous records throughout his career. In addition, the league is one of the most attended ice hockey leagues in the world, thus proving its popularity.

<h2>Why It Worths Betting On The Russia KHL Ice Hockey Competition</h2>

Perhaps down the competitive nature that the league offers, those conducting online betting will always be able to find some rather competitive Russia KHL odds when looking to wager on the action.

The competitive nature can not be further emphasised by the fact that almost each of the teams that have been involved in the Russia KHL at some point in their history have been able to qualify for the playoffs on at least one occasion each.

Why Betting On Russian Ice Hockey League?

When looking for the best place to do Russia KHL betting, then BetGold should be the one-stop shop for everyone. We will generally provide the best Russia KHL betting predictions for the available markets, whilst also providing individuals with the best online betting bonuses.

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