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Challenger Series

player ready to serve the ball during Challenger Series match of table tennis

The Challenger Series is one of table tennis’ premier competitions as it provides players with the chance to further their careers in the sport. The competition takes place in Germany and is hosted throughout the year with new tournaments taking place each week.

As there are plenty of Challenger Series betting opportunities for punters who are looking to use online betting services, joining the top sportsbooks with bonuses available at BetGold could be a wise choice as they offer all of the betting markets and the best Challenger Series odds available for each tournament that is scheduled to be played.

How Does The Challenger Series Tennis Competition Work?

The Challenger Series is Table Tennis’ answer to helping players be able to reach as far as possible in their careers and to help them progress as far as possible.

As mentioned, the tournament takes place on a weekly basis in Germany, with matches being played across Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. With the sheer number of games taking place on a near-daily basis, bettors will be able to find that there are plenty of Challenger Series betting opportunities available.

Each contest that takes place will see 8 players compete against each other with each individual playing a minimum of seven matches throughout the competition. However, those that manage to advance in the competition can play a maximum of nine matches on their way to the title.

The Tennis Challenger Series Format

There are a total of 28 matches to be played in the group, as the players will play a series that is based on a best of 5 format. This particular format is adopted for the round robin group stage, the semifinal and the final itself, thus proving popular and providing some highly competitive Challenger Series odds where possible.

If two or more players have gained the same ratios in regards to the wins/losses column, their relative position will be based on the number of sets that they have been able to win.

If two or more players have gained the same number of sets then the direct comparison will see the winner determined. If the direct comparison is the same, though, for two or more players, then each ball will count instead.

In addition, the best 8 players to have featured in the Challenger Series throughout the year will each compete in a final tournament that is hosted at the end of the year. In order to qualify for this tournament, players will have needed to have played in at least 8 tournaments that year to be able to take part in the final tournament.

Therefore, as the Challenger Series proves it is incredibly competitive all year round, bettors can find that there are a number of great Challenger Series betting experiences available to them whilst online betting.

BetGold Provides Top Betting Tips For Table Tennis Challenger Series

Due to the nature of the competition and how it is organised, betting with the best online bookmakers BetGold has reviewed already should be something that punters should certainly consider. The Challenger Series contains players of all levels, thus meaning there will be some hugely competitive action on display.

BetGold recognises this and provides top betting tips to table tennis enthusiasts, thus helping to give bettors the best possible experiences that they can wish for.

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