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Australian Open Men’s Singles

Roger Federer using his famous backhand during an Australian Open game

The Australian Open is one of the biggest tennis tournaments on the professional schedule and in many ways, is the season starter for many players around the world.

Indeed, bettors will flock to online betting sites to ensure they get the very best out of the tournament as there are plenty of Australian Open Men’s betting opportunities available each January when the competition takes place. BetGold should be one of those looking for the best online betting tips, though, as we continually provide some of the best Australian Open data available.

How Does The Australian Open Men’s Competition Work?

Being contested throughout two weeks over January, the Australian Open Men’s tournament is the first Grand Slam competition to appear on the schedule. This tournament will see the world’s best Mens players take to the hard court as they look to add a significant accolade to their own personal achievements.

The competition is incredibly competitive as there are 128 competitors starting proceedings from the First Round. Due to the number of players involved, there are a number of rounds that are played, thus providing many Australian Open Men’s betting opportunities for bettors.

Australian Open Tennis Tournament Format

Indeed, following the First Round, players will need to successfully navigate the Second Round, Third Round, Fourth Round, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and the Final if they want to win the prize, which usually comes equipped with a rather large sum of money.

Matches are played following a format of best of five sets, therefore meaning a victory is only made when a player manages to win three sets. Each set will be won after six games have been won, although if the set reaches six games apiece, a tie-break will be needed.

Due to the bracket format, Australian Open Men’s odds can remain rather competitive in places as surprises and shocks can happen at any time, thus providing those that are doing online betting with some great opportunities to pick up some top tips with BetGold.

History Of This ATP Grand Slam Competition

The Australian Open Men’s tournament is one of the most prestigious and famous competitions to appear on the professional tennis schedule each season. It is a competition that is stepped in history and traditions and has seen a number of great players win the tournament.

Some of the greatest men’s players to have ever graced the hard courts at the Rod Laver Arena have been able to lift the title, with the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andre Agassi all lifting the title multiple times throughout their respective careers.

With so much being on the line in this competition and with how highly competitive it can be, bettors are in a fortunate position as some of the Australian Open Men’s odds can be extremely favourable at times, considering the possibility of shocks being on the cards.

Why Use BetGold To Find Top Betting Tips For The ATP Australian Grand Slam?

To make the most of the favourable Australian Open Men’s odds that can be found on occasion, bettors should head to BetGold to further enhance their online betting experiences. BetGold provides punters with the best Australian Open Men’s betting tips compared to many of the other sports betting sites that are available.

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