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Challenger Campinas Doubles

Tennis player hitting the ball during Challenger Campinas Doubles match

tournament that takes place in Campinas, Brazil. The competition is part of the ATP Challenger Tour series and is competed on clay courts.

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How Does The Challenger Campinas Doubles Competition Work?

As mentioned, the Challenger Campinas Doubles tournament is played on a clay court in the outdoors. The tournament – which is known as the Campeonato Internacional de Tênis de Campinas and previously formerly known as Tetra Pak Tennis Cup – features some of the rising stars of the doubles game and has seen some top players compete in the past editions of the ATP Challenger Tour competition.

There are a total of 16 teams to compete in the tournament, which is scheduled to follow a bracket format. Some of the teams have been seeded, depending on previous tournament wins or experiences, whilst others do not receive a seeding.

Challenger Campinas Doubles ATP Tennis Tournament Format

The Challenger Campinas Doubles tournament is a rather short competition, as there are just four rounds that teams need to progress through to try and win the title on offer. These rounds include the First Round, the quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

Players from all around the world compete in teams to try and win their matches. Each match is scheduled to follow the best of three sets format, thus meaning winning two sets is enough to see them progress to the next stage of the competition.

With the Challenger Campinas Doubles tournament taking place over the course of a week, there are a number of opportunities for those online betting to be able to get involved with Challenger Campinas betting.

History Of The ATP Tennis Competition

The Challenger Campinas tournament is a new competition to the ATP Challenger Tour schedule, thus making it a highly attractive tournament for online betting as there is still some appeal to it. The first edition of the competition only took place in 2011.

There have been a number of different winners to have been able to achieve glory in the Challenger Campinas Doubles competition over the last few years.

Looking at the historic stats behind the tournament, when looking for the best Challenger Campinas Doubles odds, it might be worth considering that the competition tends to be won by teams made up of South American players. Players from both Argentina and Brazil have each proven to be rather successful throughout time.

Each final to have taken place in the Challenger Campinas Doubles competition has seen a professional tennis player from South America feature, whether it be from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru or Venezuela.

Best Betting Tips For The Challenger Campinas Doubles

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