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Challenger Maia Doubles

Tennis player ready to hit the ball during his serve on a Challenger Maia Doubles match

The Challenger Maia Doubles competition is a professional tennis tournament that is played on clay courts. The competition is a part of the ATP Tour schedule and will usually take place over a one week period.

The competition is held in Maia, Portugal, and is one of the newest tournaments to have been added to the schedule. However, it has become a hugely popular sporting event amongst those online betting, with BetGold becoming one of the number one destinations for players looking to get the best Challenger Maia Doubles betting tips available.

How Does The Challenger Maia Doubles Competition Work?

As already mentioned, the Challenger Maia Doubles competition is played out on a clay court and will generally take place over a one week period. This typically runs from the end of November and into early December, depending on how the calendar falls that year.

There are a total of 16 different teams that compete for the grand prize at the end of the Challenger Maia Doubles, with the competition following a bracket format that sees teams knocked out when they are defeated.

Tennis Betting Opportunities With Challenger Maia Doubles

Players who are seeded will be put in a different bracket to each other, thus allowing for a number of competitive fixtures to be made over the course of the tournament. Indeed, bettors that are involved in the Challenger Maia betting action will be delighted with this as it can provide them with a number of online betting opportunities.

Due to the number of teams involved, there are only a few rounds that need to be won in order to get to the final of the Challenger Maia Doubles competition. These include the First Round, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final.

Matches are played with a best of three format, although this means the team to achieve two sets first will be crowned the winner. Once this has been achieved, they will then move on to the next round of the competition, or they will win the competition when playing in the final. Due to this particular format, Challenger Maia Doubles odds can remain rather competitive.

Background Of The ATP Tennis Doubles Competition

Having only been created in 2019, the Challenger Maia Doubles is one of the newest competitions to have made an appearance to the ATP Challenger Tour schedule. Despite its infancy, though, it has become hugely popular with bettors as there are a number of opportunities that can be had in regards to Challenger Maia Doubles betting.

The competition sees some of the top doubles teams coming through the professional ranks, with many competing in tournaments such as this to try and obtain a number of ranking points to try and compete in a number of the biggest events available on the schedule.

Indeed, Challenger Maia Doubles odds continue to remain extremely competitive as not too much is known about the competition as of yet, although it does appear to be rather popular for players from European countries.

German duo, Andre Begemann and Daniel Masur, won the inaugural title after defeating Guillermo García López and David Vega Hernández 7–6(7–2), 6–4 in the final.

Why Use BetGold To Find Betting Tips Online?

Bettors looking to find the best Challenger Maia Doubles predictions would be wise to look at the offering that BetGold provides to visitors. Indeed, we provide some of the best online betting tips that are difficult to be found elsewhere.

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