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Challenger Maia Singles

Tennis player waiting for the ball during Challenger Maia practice session

The Challenger Maia is a professional tennis competition that is played on clay courts and is part of the ATP Challenger Tour schedule. The tournament takes place in Maia, which is situated in Portugal.

Although the competition is rather new to the scene, there are still a number of Challenger Maia betting opportunities that can be provided for those doing online betting. BetGold are one of the best sports betting sites to provide Challenger Maia predictions.

How Does The Challenger Maia Tennis Competition Work?

As mentioned, the Challenger Maia is played on a clay court and takes place over a week annually at the end of each November and running into December.

There are 28 players who compete in each edition of the Challenger Maia competition, with the tournament split into four different sections.

The seeded players will automatically receive a bye and be entered into the tournament in the second round, thus providing players in the First Round with an opportunity to progress to the next stage of the competition.

Challenger Maia ATP Tennis Betting Opportunities

There are a number of different rounds in the competition, therefore providing bettors with a number of Challenger Maia betting opportunities. The rounds include the First Round, the Second Round, Third Round, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final.

Matches are contested over a format that follows a best of three sets series, therefore meaning the first player to reach two sets will win the match and progress to the next round of the competition. A tie-break could be used if both reach six games each in a set to try and determine who will win the match.

History Of The ATP Tennis Competition

The Challenger Maia competition is new to the ATP Challenger Tour schedule, as it was only created in 2019. However, despite being extremely new, it has continued to provide bettors with a number of great online betting opportunities in the past.

The competition sees some of the best young players coming through the professional side of Tennis, with many of them looking to be able to earn a number of ranking points to help them to qualify for some of the biggest events available on the ATP Tour in the future.

As the competition is still in its infancy, there are still some rather competitive Challenger Maia odds available, thus making it all the more appealing and exciting for those that look to enjoy the most out of their online betting experiences.

Jozef Kovalík won the title after defeating Constant Lestienne 6–0, 6–4 in the final.

Challenger Maia Betting Tips by BetGold

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