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Wimbledon Women’s

Agnieszka Radwanska ready to hit ball during Wimbledon Women's Grand Slam

Wimbledon is one of the oldest tennis tournaments to have ever existed in the world and is one of the only competitions to be held on grass. Indeed, because of the status that this competition carries, betting on Wimbledon is one of a few things many people look forward to in regards to online betting.

One aspect of the competition that is popular is the Wimbledon Women’s betting. BetGold provides punters with some of the best Wimbledon Women’s singles betting tips available, as well as some of the best predictions worth to check.

<h2>How Does The WTA Wimbledon Grand Slam Work?</h2>

The Wimbledon Women’s competition has 128 professional players competing against each other with the main aim of being able to add one of the most prestigious grand slam titles to their personal achievements within the sport.

To reach the final, the women must undergo seven different stages, as there is the first round, second round, third round, Round of 16, quarterfinal, semifinal and the final itself.

Wimbledon Women’s Tennis Competition Format

There is a specific format that the matches follow, which helps to make Wimbledon Women’s betting all the more popular for those partaking in online betting. Each of the matches are the best of three sets, therefore the player to manage to win two sets first will be crowned the winner. Should the scores be level at six each in regards to the total of games won, then a tie-break will be needed, thus providing even more opportunity for those betting on the action.

Considering that the tournament takes place over a two week period, there are plenty of chances for bettors to be able to get in on some of the best Wimbledon Women’s odds available.

History Of The WTA Wimbledon Grand Slam Competition

As mentioned, Wimbledon is one of the world’s oldest tennis tournaments. The competition had started back in 1877 and holds a status and reputation as one of the best to have ever existed.

Indeed, because of its historic roots, there are a number of different traditions that can be associated with the contest. For example, strawberries and cream have always been associated with the competition and it would be difficult not to see the sweet and savoury dish anywhere in SW19.

In addition, there is a dress code that needs to be adopted by players when playing at Wimbledon, which is all white. There have been some controversies in the past, however matches have always been able to take place.

Most Popular Wimbledon Female Tennis Players

There are a number of top female players to have featured in the competition through the years, which is why Wimbledon Women’s betting has become incredibly popular. Female stars have included the likes of Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graff to name but a few.

Indeed, with some of the latest stars of female tennis coming through the ranks all of the time, it is no surprise as to why Wimbledon Women’s odds are always as competitive as they are throughout each stage of the tournament.

Why Use BetGoldTo Find Top Wimbledon Women’s Singles Betting Tips?

BetGold has recognised that there is a solid interest in Wimbledon Women’s betting and that many who do online betting like to get involved with the action that takes place during the English summer. 

Indeed, another reason as to why BetGold should be used is because we have some of the best Wimbledon Women’s betting bonuses available to punters as well.

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