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CEV Men’s Champions League Volleyball

player ready to hit the ball during Men's CEV Champions League

The CEV Champions League is a tournament that is held annually for Europe’s best Volleyball teams. It is a highly competitive competition as it sees the best teams of the continent from the previous season all compete against each other for the opportunity to be classed the number one side in Europe.

Due to the importance and competitive nature that the CEV Champions League provides, those looking to further enhance their Volleyball online betting experiences will feel as though CEV Volleyball Champions League betting can help them achieve, whilst they should also note that BetGold will provide them with some of the most comprehensive CEV Volleyball Champions League betting tips around.

How Does The CEV Champions League Volleyball Competition Work?

As like many other professional sports in Europe, the Champions League is arguably one of the most important competitions that a team can be involved in and the same can definitely be said for the sport of Volleyball.

There are 20 different teams from all corners of Europe that typically compete in the CEV Champions League when it is scheduled to take place over the course of a season. These 20 teams will each be split into five groups of four and will compete in a mini league competition.

Volleyball Champions League Format And Rules

Depending on the results obtained in each match, teams can be awarded from between zero and three points. To obtain the maximum points, a volleyball team will need to win either 3-0 or 3-1. Winning 3-2 will provide two points, whilst the loser of that game will be awarded with one point.

Each league will be contested in a six-leg double round-robin competition, therefore meaning each team will play each other twice, once at home and once on the road. The five winners of the league process and the three best-ranked runners-up will then be able to qualify for the quarterfinals.

In this stage, four pairs are formed and two matches will be held between the teams in pairs. Four winners will then be crowned after these matches and each of these will qualify for the semifinals.

The semifinals will see 2 pairs formed and two matches are held between the paired teams. The two winners will then contest the final, which is usually held in May of each year.

Due to the nature of the competition, there are certainly plenty of CEV Volleyball Champions League betting opportunities available to punters conducting Volleyball online betting. 

Top Teams of The Volleyball  Division

With the tournament having been established some years ago, there have been a variety of top teams to have competed in the CEV Champions League over the years, thus making the CEV Volleyball Champions League odds and markets extremely competitive between sportsbooks and bookmakers.

Russian sides CSKA Moscow and Zenit Kazan have been two of the most successful in the competitive volleyball competition, whilst there have been a number of winners to have come from Italy throughout the years as well.

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