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Sportsbooks in Brazil that Accept Pix Payment Method

sportsbooks that accept pix

BetGold brings an updated list of Sportsbooks that accept deposits via Pix, a fast and safe method that has already fallen in love with Brazilians and increases the agility in confirming deposits so that players don’t waste time.

About Pix Payment Method

Pix is an instant payment method, which was implemented in 2020 by the Brazilian Central Bank. With this method, it is possible to receive payments in seconds, anytime, any day of the week, even on holidays and days outside bank hours.

The practicality of the system goes beyond speed, it is possible to transfer amounts between different Brazilian banks without paying fees, amounts that are charged in bank transfers between different banks through other types of transaction (TED and DOC) by most banks.

How to Use Pix Payment Method While Online Betting

It’s necessary to have a Pix registered in your bank account. To do this, access your bank’s internet banking and register your Pix key with your phone number, social security number, email or even a ”random” key.
The next step is to choose the Sportsbook of your choice to open your account, deposit and start betting. Take the opportunity to see reviews of the best Sportsbooks made by the betting experts at BetGold to make your choice easier.
After opening your account at the sportsbook, navigate to the deposit page, select the Pix method and make the payment using the QR code or key that will be generated in the deposit request.

Done! In a few seconds your deposit will be confirmed and you are ready to bet.

Sportsbooks that Accept Pix Payment Method

Because of its safety, speed and ease, Pix payment method has already fallen in love with Brazilians and players are looking for sportsbooks that offer the method of payment. The BetGold team lists some of the Sportsbooks that have a deposit method for bettors in Brazil.
List updated June 2021.

Advantages of Using Pix For Withdrawals

BetGold knows Brazilian bettors well and knows that the slowness of some methods, such as Boleto Bancário, can delay the placing of bets. With Pix, deposits are confirmed to the players’ account within seconds!

The availability of Pix 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is also a difference in relation to methods such as bank transfer between different banks, which is generally only completed during bank hours, on business days.

Brazilians will be able to easily make their deposits without bureaucracy and without fees, which are currently not charged by sportsbook for payments via Pix.

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