The Top 10 Cricket Events

The Top 10 Cricket Events

Because cricket is popular across the globe, there are countless cricket tournaments held each year. With that said, there are a few competitions and tournaments that stand above the rest. These are ten of the most beloved and popular cricket events in the world.

  1. The ICC Cricket World Cup

This is considered to be one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of cricket. This four-stage event has a massive following and is the world’s most viewed cricket event.

This tournament was first held in 1975 and it has been held every 4 years since then. Currently, a total of ten different teams compete in the tournament. The most successful player in the history of the tournament is India’s Sachin Tendulkar, who has a total of 2,278 runs.

  1. ICC Champions Trophy

Once known as the ICC Knockout tournament, this is another event that every major cricketer aspires to win. Many cricket fans consider this to be the second-most prestigious tournament in the cricket world. The tournament serves as a significant source of revenue for the ICC.

There are a total of thirteen teams that have competed in this tournament. However, eight teams competed in the last event, which was held in 2017. Chris Gayle is the player with the most runs in the tournament, while Kyle Mills is the player with the most wickets.

  1. The Indian Premier League

Although this isn’t a global cricket event, it’s impossible to deny its popularity. Millions of people from all over the globe make a point of watching this cricket event. This league has been able to attract some of the world’s top T20 cricketers, which makes matches incredibly exciting.

The IPL franchise has been incredibly lucrative since it was first launched in 2008. The Chennai Super Kings have been the most successful team, thanks in part to their star player Suresh Raina. Lasith Malinga, who plays for the Mumbai Indians, is the most successful bowler in the league.

  1. The ICC World T20

While this tournament is fairly short, it’s impossible to deny the excitement it creates in cricket fans. The wildly entertaining tournament has been the talk of the cricket world since it debuted in 2011. It’s common to see cricket teams play defensively, but in this tournament, you may see teams take a more aggressive strategy.

In the tournament’s short history, no one team has managed to win the tournament more than once. This helps to make this event feel more unpredictable than a lot of other popular cricket events. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, The West Indies and England have all won the world cup.

  1. The NatWest series

This One-Day International tournament is exclusively held in England. The triangular series has two different international teams competing against England. The event, which is sponsored by National Westminster Bank, has been a huge hit since it launched in 2000.

One of the reasons this tournament is so popular is that it’s played at some of the finest cricket stadiums in the entire world. The finals take place at The Mecca of Cricket and Lord’s.

  1. The Ashes Series

There are plenty of rivalries in the world of cricket, but few of these rivalries are as intense as the one between England and Australia. After England was defeated by Australia back in 1882, a journalist wrote a mocking obituary declaring the death of English cricket. The obituary stated that the body has been cremated and that Australia had taken the ashes.

Since then, the two nations have competed over these “ashes.” There’s a playful nature to this tournament, but the matches are also known for their intensity. Fans are always eager to see England and Australia face off again.

  1. Border-Gavaskar Trophy

Another popular rivalry in cricket is the one between Australia and India. The event is named for two famous cricket players: Allan Border and Sunil Gavaskar.

This tournament isn’t necessarily known for being an intense competition. India has dominated over Australia at most events. In spite of this, plenty of fans tune in to watch the two nations compete.

  1. The Australian Tri-Series

This event has gone by a number of names, including the Commonwealth Bank Series, the Benson and Hedges World Series and the Carlton and United Series. No matter what it’s called, it’s clear that this Australian series has a massive following.

This is a triangular round-robin tournament with a best-of-three final. Teams from many nations have competed in this event, including England, Australia, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. The hosting team seems to have a clear advantage; the hosting team has won more than 50% of the time!

  1. The Asia Cup

This tournament, which features teams from Asian nations like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, is an intense tournament that’s always attracted a lot of interest. Although the event was originally created to foster positive relations between Asian countries, some teams have withdrawn from the tournament in years due to political reasons.

This is a round-robin tournament that is open to all ACC member nations. Sanath Jayasuriya is the player with the most runs in the tournament, while Lasith Malinga is the player with the most wickets.

  1. The T20 Champions League

This international Twenty20 Cricket competition has faded in popularity over the years. Even though it’s no longer a hugely popular cricket event, it’s hard to deny the impact that it has had on the world of cricket.

A total of 12 teams from eight countries have participated in this tournament over the years. Suresh Raina has more runs than any other player, while Sunil Narine is the player with the most wickets. Both the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians have won this tournament twice.

One of the reasons that cricket is so appealing is that there are countless events for fans to get invested in. Every one of these events has attracted a lot of attention from cricket fans, and cricket players aspire to win these tournaments. If you’re a big fan of cricket, you’ll want to give these ten events a closer look.

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