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Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Betting Guide

betting guide

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games started and you can guarantee profits on your sports betting with the best betting tips. Find out which selections are the favorites and players to follow closely, according to Betgold sports betting experts.

2021 Tokyo Olympics Betting Tips

Tokyo’s 2021 Olympics is shaking the sports world amid the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. There was a lot of controversy about the postponement of the Olympic Games due to the risk of contamination, but the committee decided to keep holding the competition in 2021, following the necessary biosafety protocols.

Betgold’s Specialists bring you a betting guide for you to enjoy the biggest sports competition, which brings together countries from all over the globe and can make you profit on your bets.

Betting Markets For The 2021 Olympic Games

It’s important to choose a sports site that has varied bonuses and betting markets to increase your chances of making a profit. Read the Betgold review of the best Sportsbooks and choose your favourite.

When talking about betting markets for the 2021 Olympics it’s important to note that ”outrights” markets are interesting and can guarantee profits, but note that you should only bet a small percentage of your bankroll in these markets, as bets are processed only at the end of each sport’s modality. Sportsbook offers odds for gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as markets for qualifying, how to reach the semi-final or even the final.

Match winner markets remain the most targeted, although favoritism may not dominate, they are the most interesting markets for players who have less time to analyze many statistics about teams and competitors. Regarding live bets, due to Japan’s time zone difference, bettors from many countries may find it difficult to bet on live events, so we advise you to secure your pre-match bets in advance.

Regarding different sports, let’s list some of the different modalities available, teams and competitors for you to follow closely.

2021 Tokyo Olympic Games Football Guide

2021 Tokyo Olympics Football Guide

Brazil men’s soccer team enters the competition feeling the bitter taste of having lost the Copa America 2021 cup to Argentina. Still, the Brazilian team is the favorite to take the gold medal at the 2021 Olympic Games football, with odds 3.00 at Bet365 to win the competition.

Regarding women’s football, currently the United States team is one of the teams to watch closely, being the favorite to win the cup, with odds of 2.0 on Bet90.

2021 Tokyo Olympics Tennis Guide

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic is one of the big favorites to take home a medal in this edition of the Olympics. Among the many betting markets you can take advantage of, bet on Novak Djokovic to reach the semi-finals and secure 1.10 odds on Dafabet and even win the gold medal and enjoy 1.5 odds at Rivalo.

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Volleyball Guide

The Brazil men’s team is the favorite to win the Volley competition, while the United States women’s team is the most quoted to win the gold medal. If you believe in favoritism, betting on the Outright market in the competition’s early games can guarantee you bigger profits, but with more risk.

Clearly there are several sports that you can take advantage of in your betting, in addition to the ones mentioned in this guide. Pay attention to the amount bet on each coupon, so you can take advantage of a greater diversity of markets and events. The sports betting experts at Betgold always emphasize the importance of managing your bankroll well, and in order for you to guarantee your profit when betting on the 2021 Olympic Games, your management must be worthy of a gold medal.
Do you want more betting tips for this and many other sports competitions? Stay tuned for BetGold News & Tips.

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