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Top 5 High Volatility Slot Games

slot reels with volatility charts

Volatility is a term of the slots jargon that means a game has some particular characteristics: these games typically pay prizes less often than the games of lower volatility, however, when they do pay prizes, prepare to win big, at times in the house of 8 figures!

Slot Games Variance, Volatility And Risk Explained

These terms are equivalent in the slots world: if a game is said to be of high risk, variance or volatility, it simply means the game is calibrated in a way that resembles a lottery in a way: some lucky winners will win big.

BetGold’s List Of The Best High Volatility Slot Games

Some games stand out in the world of slots, because they really have the potential to make you instantly rich: Mega Moolah, developed by Microgaming, is a game that pays prizes of 8 figures somewhat often, and it is in a way a much more amusing way of betting in comparison with a lottery ticket.

Some reviewers consider it to be of medium volatility because the jackpot is accessed in a different way in contrast with other prizes awarded by the game, but consider the general concept of risk / return, the game falls into this category

Mega Moolah Slot Game Jackpot Prize

This game is a progressive jackpot game, which means a network of players contribute to form a splendid prize, some players have won prizes in the house of 25 Million Dollars!

Vegas High Roller is a slot game considered to be of medium to high volatility that could transform a small bet of $5 into a big prize of $10k! The game, that was developed by iSoftBet is all about winning like a high roller and risking very little.

Betsoft’s Slotfather II is another game that could reward you with major prizes, and if you are a fan of the famous part one of this iconic online free slot, then you should take it for a spin.

Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza is an interesting slot of high risk that can reward you with prizes of 10,000 times the original stake size!

To complete our list of BetGold’s top 5: High Volatility slot games, Microgaming’s Immortal Romance is a big fan favourite that surely is worth a test.

High Volatility Online Slot Games Summary

When you find out that a game is all about high risk, you can expect big prizes. If you enjoy the sensation of winning very often, maybe you should try different games that fall into the category of low or low to medium volatility, check our upcoming guide about the games that are all about winning all the time!

Our list of top 5 games is about the popularity of these games, however, if you are keen to discover more and more games, BetGold has thousands of slot games for you, check our list of games and you will always have something brand new to discover, whether you are fond of high volatility games or not!

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