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Top Betting Sites



Spinbookie Sportsbook

100% up to €100 Welcome Bonus

Spinbookie offers various betting markets during Live Betting with high odds. Spinbookie also has a “Quick Bet” feature, where you can pre-define the betting amount and place a bet in one click.


Sportaza Sportsbook


In Sports betting, Sportaza offers plenty of markets in each match - both pre-match, Live Betting markets and the betting odds are pretty high compared to other sports betting websites.




BetOBet Sportsbook


The fun in your sports betting is guaranteed by a robust and full-featured platform at Betobet.



LiliBet Sportsbook


Lilibet sportsbook offers sports betting on almost every sport. On Lilibet, you can bet on sports such as Football, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Formula1, Handball, Darts, American Football, Volleyball, Boxing, Cycling and many more. On Lilibet, you can also bet on E-Sports as well.


William Hill Sportsbook

BET £/€10 GET £/€30 IN FREE BETS

William Hill has extensive Football betting markets and also has live streaming for some of the matches. Their odds on Football and other sports are among the best.


ZodiacBet Sportsbook


Sportsbook Zodiacbet comes with aggressive odds, great coverage of sporting events, types of betting markets and entertainment products such as casino, live casino, virtual games and much more.


PriveWin Sportsbook

Bet £10 GET £10 FREE BET

New Players Only. Min £10 qualifying bets, minimum odds 1.5, stake not returned. 1X wagering the winnings from the free bet. Wagering occurs from real balance first. Wagering requirement is calculated on bonus bets only, wagering starts from real funds. Free bet is valid for 7 Days from issue. Max conversion: £200. Excluded Skrill deposits. Withdrawal requests voids all active/pending bonuses


RedAxePlay Sportsbook

Bet £10 GET £10 FREE BET

New players only. Min £10 qualifying bets, stake not returned. Free bet - one-time stake of £10, min odds 1.5, stake not returned. 1x wagering the winnings. Wager from real balance first. Wager calculated on bonus bets only. Max conversion £200. Valid for 7 days from issue. Withdrawal request voids all active/pending bonuses. Excluded skrill deposits. Full Terms apply.


Mr Green Sportsbook


Mr Green Sportsbook was launched in 2007. Even though it is relatively new compared to other betting websites, it has made its mark with it’s unique UI, special promotions and extensive betting markets.


Best Sports Betting Sites

By being able to select the best sportsbooks and online bookmakers around, sports betting fans will be able to ensure they enjoy the betting experiences provided to their full maximum.

There are a number of ways in which the top betting sites make sure that they remain offering the best experiences, with things such as offering the best and biggest bonuses, the best selection of online slot games and classic live dealer games, as well as the support and payment methods that are available to punters who decide to use their services.

At BetGold, we know that it is a rather challenging task trying to find the best betting sites to use, which is why we have decided to take all of the guesswork out of the equation and provide you, our valued readers, with the best online casino and sportsbook reviews that we possibly could to ensure you have the very best chances of picking the right online gambling operator for you and your needs.

Best Betting Sites Reviews

Although we do not want to be accused of tooting our own horn, we at BetGold feel strongly about the offering that we provide our readers, we strongly believe we are the best around on the web when it comes to trying to make an informed decision when looking to join some of the biggest betting sites that are available.

We check out a number of key aspects of each online sportsbook and casino that we review, thus providing a comprehensive review that is unrivalled by many other online casino review sites. You may ask why we do this, but the simple answer is that we just want you to have the best online betting experiences possible.

We look at the following aspects when doing our casino/sportsbook reviews:

Navigation & Layout on The Top 10 Online Betting Sites

It is important to take a look at this section as we know you want a faultless and seamless user experience when visiting sites and looking to use your time as effectively as possible. Indeed, we know that your time is important and experiences can be even more enjoyable without any needless difficulties.

Online Slot Games and Live Table Games UK

One area the BetGold team looks forward to doing when reviewing online casinos is checking out the library of games that are provided. We know this is extremely important as our readers deserve to go to the biggest betting sites knowing they can play an array of top games.

Best Sports Offering On a UK Sportsbook

Similar to the point above, our BetGold review team will look at the range of sports on offer at an online sportsbook and provide you with a detailed summary as to what each one provides in regards to sports betting opportunities.

Top 10 Sportsbook Bonuses & Online Casino Bonuses

We know that the biggest bonuses are always a key indicator when looking to join an online casino/sportsbook and we at BetGold love them just as much as our readers. We take the time to check out what the top betting sites offer and provide you with details about their biggest bonuses and promotions.

Online Betting On Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become incredibly important tools for everyone in their daily lives, and that includes when gambling online. BetGold knows punters want to use these devices when on the move or in their favourite chair, so we ensure we look at whether the biggest betting sites accommodate for this.

Top 10 Betting Websites UK Customer Support

As an online casino/sportsbook has no physical establishment, we know that it is important that they can be trusted when used, and one way in which this can be achieved is via their customer support network. Our BetGold review team takes a look in detail at what options are provided and just how professional the level of service they offer is.

Payment Methods

BetGold want their readers to feel as safe as possible when using an online casino/sportsbook that they have reviewed, which is why we take a look at the options provided and the level of security and trust that can be expected when making a financial transaction such as depositing funds or withdrawing any money that may have been acquired.

After we have taken a look at each of the aforementioned areas of the online casino/sportsbook being reviewed, we will also leave you a verdict as to what we think of the reviewed site and leave you with the ability to make an informed decision about whether it is one of the best betting sites for you and your hard-earned money.

BetGold’s Team Of Top Online Betting Professionals

BetGold stands for trust above all else, as we want our readers to come to us as their only online casino review site. Our review team works tirelessly hard to provide you with all of the latest reviews possible, whilst also ensuring that they remain strictly down the middle and leave things as unbiased as physically possible.

We know that reading casino reviews can be challenging and a daunting prospect at times, but we at BetGold will only provide you with the facts before giving our own informed opinion in the verdict at the end of each review.

Other reasons BetGold should be trusted include things such as the information that we are able to provide, as well as the ability to provide the biggest bonuses available at the top betting sites on the internet.

Check The Best Online Betting Sites & Biggest Bonuses

In regards to providing the biggest bonuses that can be found at the best betting sites, we will only feature the top betting sites on our site as we know that our readers will only want to see the offers from them and not everyone.

The BetGold team knows that you only want to use online casinos and sportsbooks that we trust, as it will have a direct impact on our own reputation, thus being in our own interests to provide you with the best betting sites and biggest bonuses possible.

As already described, the BetGold reviews will only help you to make informed decisions by providing you with all the key pieces of information required, whilst they will also check out everything from player safety and security to gaming/sports betting options available to ensure the best online betting experiences can be had at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is a Bookie in Sports Betting?

A bookie assists others in gambling by setting odds, accepting and making bets, and then paying out winners. It’s a condensed form of the word “bookmaker.”

Which Sports Betting Site Is the Best?

These days, the regulated sports betting industry is somewhat saturated. That’s fantastic news for sports bettors because more options mean more competition for your money among online betting services.

The competitive environment fosters innovation, commitment to service, and the development and maintenance of systems that hit all the right notes. With a plethora of top sports betting sites, additional questions arise.

The first item on the list is straightforward: Which sportsbooks online are worth your time? The top four are listed below.



Zodiac Bet








Which Online Bookie Is the Best in Terms of Services?

We try to find out what other genuine players think about the site because we provide casino information for real players. Our specialists use forums and review sites to find out what individuals think about a gaming site, their personal experiences, and any complaints to provide the finest online casino evaluations.

Several unsolved concerns or lengthy delays in replying to clients will influence our decision. We wouldn’t want to endorse a company that has a bad reputation for offering poor service. A significant number of good evaluations, on the other hand, indicates that the casino is on the right course. We’ve compiled a list of the most important online bookies in terms of customer care with that in mind. They include:

Sportaza: Rating 4.7
Cyberbet: Rating 4.6
Spinbookie: Rating 4.6
Lilibet: Rating 4.7
Zodiac Bet: Rating 4.2

Can Sports Betting Make You Rich?

You can make a lot of money by betting on sports. Many fortunate bettors have made news after winning life-changing amounts of money on accumulators or combo bets. On the other hand, millions more are still holding out hope for each of those gamblers. But then, so does everyone else who plays the lottery regularly.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Paypal?

PayPal is an online payment network that allows users to send and receive money and pay for products and services in over 200 countries and regions worldwide. PayPal has lately extended its doors to online gambling enterprises as well. The following is a list of the finest betting sites that accept PayPal.



Zodiac Bet








Does Penalty Count in Betting?

Penalty shootout goals are not counted, consistent with the official totals used by the FA, FIFA, UEFA, and other governing bodies. The name of the market generally indicates whether the bet involves or directly pertains to penalties.

Is Sports Betting Rigged?

Sports gambling is not rigged, but it is stacked against you because of the vig. Sports betting organizations take a fee on lost bets, known as the vig, to generate money. As a result, it may appear like sports betting is rigged, but this is only to ensure that it generates cash.

Can the Odds Offered by A Bookmaker Vary?

Yes. The odds of a bookmaker can change. You’ve probably noticed that the betting odds are always shifting, whether you’re new to sports betting or have been doing it for a while. It’s sometimes just a few numbers, but other times the fluctuations are substantial enough to throw favorites and underdogs on their heads.

Are There Different Types of Odds?

Fractional (British) odds, decimal (European) odds, and moneyline (American) odds are the three basic forms of betting odds. These are two different ways of displaying the same material, with no difference in payments. Fractional odds are the ratio of the amount (profit) obtained to the stake. Decimal odds represent the amount one earns for every $1 gambled. Moneyline odds reflect the amount one must bet to earn $100 or the amount one would win for every $100 wagered, depending on the negative or positive sign.

How Are Sports Betting Odds Calculated?

So, how do you calculate betting odds? Sports odds operate because all of the top bookmakers aim to make the prices they provide roughly equal to the likelihood of an actual event. We’ll use the coin toss as an example because it’s the most straightforward. When throwing a coin, the chances of landing on heads are 50%. This is represented as 1/1 in fractional terms and 2.00 in decimal odds.

However, if an equal amount of money is bet on heads and tails, a bookmaker would be unable to earn a profit if they gave these genuine odds. Instead, bookmakers set a margin and then include this charge, referred to as a vig or an overround, in what they provide to bettors. Assuming that the overround is 5%, the current odds on heads in the above bet are 1.91, or 10/11.

So, using an example, let’s look at how betting odds operate. Let’s imagine the bookmaker is providing odds of 10/11 for either side to start a football match, based on the scenario above. While the exact odds of this wager are 1/1 or 2.00, the bookmaker has factored their profit margin into the odds they are providing. They’ve done this to ensure that they’ll make money regardless of what occurs. The highest return the bookmaker would have to pay out if $50 was bet on each team before the contest would be $95.50.

With the present margin, the bookie is assured of generating a profit of $4.50 for every $100 staked on this market. Of course, in most athletic events, how odds operate is more complex than this, as probability alters, and there are frequently more than two competing teams or players. In most cases, different sums of money will be bet on each event, requiring the bookmaker to balance the various outcomes.

Are Sports Betting Sites and Apps Legal?

An online casino or sportsbook allows any customer to place bets and wagers. Nonetheless, the user must check their home state’s rules to ensure that they are authorized to access the site.

Are Sports Betting Winnings Taxable?

Like all other sorts of gambling revenues, sports betting gains are considered income. No matter how little, any gains must be paid in federal income taxes, and you may also owe state taxes.

Do Sports Betting Sites Require a Minimum Deposit?

Yes. Most betting sites have a minimum deposit requirement. However, it varies per site. The minimum deposits for some of the most prominent online sportsbooks are listed below.
CyberBet- €/$5

Do Sports Betting Sites Accept Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is one of the internet’s wonders and the most popular cryptocurrency scheme. Therefore, it has a wide range of online applications. Bitcoin is used in various transactions and activities, including crypto sports betting, to improve the betting industry! A list of betting sites that accept bitcoin is provided below.



Zodiac Bet








How Do We Rate Sportsbook Bonuses?

We try to be neutral while reviewing promotional campaigns, which may be difficult. Some players love and rely on deposit match bonuses, but they’re also the most common source of criticism and dispute among those who accept them.

When we examine a casino’s promotional program, the number of bonus options is the first thing that comes to mind. While most sites will provide a deposit match bonus, especially for new players, we like it when the bonus is given with more deliberation. Some players may be satisfied with deposit match bonuses, but we’re searching for free spins, tournaments, competitions, and an overall unique approach to motivating gamers.

Of course, we next dig into the specifics of the opportunity. Low rollovers with only the bonus and no bonus/deposit combo are preferable. Alternative incentives that don’t come with a wagering requirement are much better.

We also search for a loyalty or VIP program with some substance. It’s one thing to provide a basic “betting converts to points, which convert to a tiny amount of cash” program. We’d want speedier payments, private tournaments, real-money awards, valuable presents, personalized invites, first-look access to new games, etc.

What Is the Best Method for Depositing at An Online Betting Site?

Currently, the most well-known and trustworthy betting sites accept a variety of payment options. However, some of them are superior to others, depending on your requirements. The following are well-known payment methods:


Skrill, Neteller, and Ecopayz are some of the most popular payment methods. It is easy to deposit and withdraw funds with this payment method because it takes only a few minutes, making it faster than other options.

Bank Transfers

Another alternative is to use a bank transfer, although this takes longer to complete, often 2-3 business days. As a result, it is not recommended for the gambler because, as you may know, in the gambling industry, speed is desired.


Cryptocurrencies are the most popular payment option right now; more people utilize them since they allow for safer private transactions. The commission is a little more than e-wallets, which is one of the downsides.

Consider the commissions you’ll have to pay, the time it will take, and the security of each one before deciding which one to use.

Is Online Betting Legal and Regulated?

Every online bookmaker understands that the worldwide legal landscape is complex and changing. Always keep an eye out for industry updates and trends. Nonetheless, the world contains few safe-havens.

Many countries have legalized and regulated online sportsbooks, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, the Philippines, Ghana, and Colombia. The kind and breadth of legal activities vary by jurisdiction, with some governments permitting just specified types of bets or betting on specific sports or events. In some countries, online offerings are tied to a land-based license, whereas in others, they are regulated separately or not at all.

How Do I Make a Complaint Against a Bookie?

First and foremost, you should file a formal complaint with the gambling industry. When filing a complaint, make sure you follow the steps in the procedure.

The Complaints Procedure

Verify Terms and Conditions

Examine any terms and conditions associated with your account or gaming transaction.

Contact the Sportsbook

You may learn how to contact them and see their complaints system on their website. You can also make a complaint in person and request a copy of the complaints policy. Consider a betting store, an arcade, a bingo hall, or a casino.
You may also use Resolver, a free online site that offers consumer assistance and can assist you with filing a complaint.

Use Resolver

Follow Their Grievance Procedure

Give the company all of the details of your complaint, including dates, times, and quantities. Any proof you have to back up your claim should be shared. Ensure that you maintain a copy of anything you say to them.

Wait for The Response

From the time they receive your complaint, the company has eight weeks to remedy it. When the investigation is over, they will inform you of the outcome of your complaint and the following steps. This covers what to do if you are unhappy with the outcome.
If you’re not happy with the outcome, you may be able to take your complaint to a third-party ADR service. You cannot proceed to an ADR without first going through the company’s complaint procedure.

Using an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Firm to Resolve Your Conflict

After eight weeks, if you’re not happy with the outcome, you can take your complaint to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service. An ADR is a completely free service.
Before utilizing an ADR, you must first go through the gaming industry’s own complaints process. To resolve your complaint, they examine the information provided by you and the gaming establishment.
The gaming establishment should be able to recommend an ADR provider and supply you with their contact information. They may also send you a letter confirming your right to file a complaint with an ADR.

Is Betting Online Safe?

Most betting sites are quite safe to use and are known for treating their customers honestly. When betting online, being safe means avoiding dodgy sites and sticking to the authorized ones.

What Are the Minimum Stakes and Maximum Payouts?

The lowest bet value you may place on a wager is known as ‘minimum stakes,’ It varies from sportsbook to sportsbook. Maximum payouts are the most money a player may withdraw from a betting site in a single transaction.

What Are Betting Markets?

A betting market refers to a particular type or category of wager on a specific event. At each event, bookmakers usually provide various betting markets. Betting markets are locations where you may place wagers on the potential outcomes of sporting events.

Why Do the Odds Vary Between Online Sports Betting Sites?

When dealing with bookies, we’re always curious why the odds alter. What makes one bookmaker provide a +150 bet on the Lakers to beat the Knicks while another is glad to offer the same bet for +215? And, within a few hours, any bookmaker’s odds may have changed. What drives bookmakers to adjust their odds every few minutes?

Profit is the only factor that motivates bookmakers to adjust their odds. Each outcome has a 50% probability of occurring in any game. On the other hand, bookmakers do not require an equal number of bets on both sides of the action.

We all understand how they pay gamblers: they pay out all those who bet on winning odds and retain the money from those who lose. On the other hand, running a bookie enterprise is still a company with overhead and profit margins.

This is when the ability to change the odds comes into play. Bookies ensure that they earn a profit regardless of which side finally wins by tipping the action on one side based on various criteria.

How Do Online Sportsbooks Make Money?

Bookmakers make money by transforming profits into odds and keeping the books balanced. Whether the punter wins or loses, the bookmaker makes a profit. The likelihood of each event’s outcomes and the reputation of bookmakers are meant to be reflected in the odds.

How Many Online Betting Sites Should I Use for Betting?

You can use many betting accounts if you want to. You may open as many accounts as you like with different bookmakers, but you usually can’t have more than one gaming account with the same sportsbook.

Which Bookmaker Has the Best Sportsbook Bonuses?



Zodiac Bet








How Can I Claim Sports Betting Bonus?

Look no further if you’re unsure how to get your hands on a bookmaker bonus. It doesn’t have to be challenging to use your bonus at an online sportsbook. Most sports betting companies feature a simple sign-up and deposit process that allows you to receive your bonus immediately. Step-by-step instruction for redeeming a sportsbook bonus is provided below.

1. At your bookmaker, create a username and password. These will provide you with passwords that are safe to use
2. Navigate to your sportsbook’s “cashier” area
3. You must choose your chosen deposit method in the cashier area
To claim your sign-up deposit bonus, you may need to input a particular code before confirming your deposit
Some bookmakers will automatically insert this code. Others, though, will not. Ensure to read the bonus’s terms and conditions before accepting it
You’ll have no problem locating a bonus code within your online bookmaker if you need to use one. Bonuses are an essential part of any sportsbook’s marketing strategy. Therefore, they are displayed on the site and found in almost every department
4. Confirm your initial deposit after checking with your sportsbook to ensure you have the relevant code (if one is required).
5. All you have to do now is wait for confirmation from the sportsbook (and subsequently, your bonus funds.)

The process differs based on your deposit method and the sportsbook in question. Credit card deposits are frequently completed in under five minutes, with your bonus appearing in your account almost immediately.

If you opt to deposit via traditional methods, your deposit and bonus may take anywhere from 24 hours to 15 business days to be credited to your account.

To successfully redeem your bonus, you may be required to present evidence of address and government-issued identification to your sportsbook. You will, without a doubt, need to verify your identity before you can withdraw your bonus earnings, so be prepared for the verification procedure
6. It’s time to start wagering now that you’ve received your sign-up bonus.

You won’t be able to withdraw your bonus and take off with the free money after it’s been secured. Before using a sportsbook, you must first agree to some fundamental terms and conditions.

7. You will be required to meet play-through requirements in many circumstances, forcing you to wager your initial deposit and bonus amount several times.
8. Your bonus criteria may be subject to odds limits at times

What Are the Best Online Sportsbook Bonuses?

Welcome Bonuses

The most popular form of bonus you’ll find at a gambling site:
– Receive a cash bonus as soon as you join up
– Begin your gaming session with a strong bankroll
– Have your deposit matched by up to 200 per cent
– When comparing casinos, you might locate those with more straightforward wagering requirements.

No Deposit Bonuses

– Get some money to play with and use no deposit bonuses to test out a casino risk-free.
– Get a bonus right now without having to spend any money
– Play any game you like before deciding to deposit
– Casinos have a variety of wagering choices that you can compare
– Once you’ve finished the specified play, cash out your bonus.

Monthly Bonuses & Promotions

– A monthly bonus will be given to you as a token of your loyalty.
– Get a monthly bonus to help you stay on top of your game
– Get cash and prizes in exchange for frequent play with a range of seasonal promotions throughout the year
– Gambling sites will also award you VIP status.

High Roller Bonuses

– Big players gain benefits from making significant deposits regularly.
– You’ll be rewarded for sticking with a casino and playing frequently
– Improve your player rewards by working your way up the tier system
– Get exclusive bonus offers to boost your cash.
– Take advantage of additional incentives such as electronics and even vacations

Game-Specific Bonuses

– Playing featured games is encouraged by casinos.
– Play with some additional play money on the most recent games
– Other benefits include VIP points and free spins
– Find out more about the casino games available
– Increase your money and your playing abilities

Device-Specific Bonuses

– Signing up on a smartphone or tablet earns you a prize.
– Casinos reward players who test their mobile games with bonuses
– Bonuses are available for Android and iOS smartphones
– Get a bonus for installing a casino app
– You’ll also get the complete selection of bonuses that the casino offers

Can I Withdraw Funds from A Welcome Deposit Bonus?

The bonus, which might be free spins or cash, will be added to players’ accounts immediately. Players can utilize this bonus on any game they like or on games that the casino recommends. No deposit bonuses are generally non-transferable and cannot be redeemed.

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