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Top 5 Low Volatility Online Slot Games

golden coins being spilled by spinning slot reels

Slots of low variation, volatility or risk are games that are all about landing winning combos very often. Spin the reels and win all the time, what could be more amusing?

Some of the most popular games in the online casino world are low-volatility slots. Check out the favourites of our customers in this special betting guide brought to you by BetGold blog, but first check out the differences between the types of slots available at our site.

Slot Games Can Have Low And High Volatility

The terms volatility, risk or variation represent the probability of a slot machine landing a winning combo, which would trigger the payment of cash prizes to the customers, whether they are higher or lower than the original stake size.

High volatility slots work more or less like a lottery, that is, the risk is high, but the prizes can be really huge, sometimes bigger than a lottery prize.

Low-volatility slots, however, pay prizes much more often, but they can still be very interesting prizes, which means that the fact that the game is more likely to pay prizes does not mean that such prizes aren’t considerable.

Medium volatility slots are between low and high volatility, that is, although their prizes are not as high as those with higher risk, it is not so difficult to win.

Top Low Volatility Slot Games For BetGold

Football Star by Microgaming

The Football Star online slot game has a low to medium volatility, that is, players rate the levels of volatility according to their gaming experience, which means that certain casino sites can give a rating to a slot different from others, which does not mean they are wrong.

Football Star brings the best of football to casino lovers, how about scoring a goal and winning a cash prize in your next BetGold gaming section?

Book Of Immortals Slot by iSoftBet

This slot machine is considered a low volatility game, and it is one of those games that many gamblers in the online casino community have a story of profit to tell. The slot game Book of Immortals takes inspiration from the ancient civilizations.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Online Slot Game by BetSoft

This amusing game by BetSoft can bring you big profits, and many players consider it to be of low volatility, although some classify it as a medium volatility slot, the fact is that their prizes can be more profitable than many high and very high volatility games.

Fire n’ Fortune by 2By2 Gaming

Although some gamblers consider the game to be of medium risk and sometimes very volatile, several members of the betting community have stories of profits to tell, so maybe you should bet and find out what it feels like to play this amusing game.

The Love Guru Video Slot Game by iSoftBet

This slot, inspired by the film of same name, is classified by some websites as being of indeterminate variation, and it is a good example to point out that the volatility of a game can be something very subjective, that is, each player has a subjective experience when betting with a slot, and many players report easy winnings with this game, check out this branded game in BetGold and decide for yourself!

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