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What Does Return To Player Mean In Slot Games?

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In this series of posts, BetGold is helping the gamblers to understand how our slot machines work. The easiest way to let you know more about the world of online slots is to explain a bit about the comprehensive jargon of the casino world, specifically the slots jargon. 

In the first post of this series, we explained that risk, volatility, variance or variation are terms that define how likely you are to win, and the potential prize size, i.e. the balance between the potential prizes and how likely the users are to win. Low volatility games usually pay prizes more often, but not as big as high volatility progressive jackpot games that pay prizes as big as lottery tickets. The terms described in this paragraph are interchangeable.

Now we will understand more about the terms Return to Player (RTP) and Bonus games

What Is Slot Games’ Return To Player?

There’s no big secret when it comes to Return to Player, this term, also known as RTP, represents how much the gambling house takes as a cut. It is expressed in the form of a percentage, so the closer it is to 100%, the more generous the slot game in question is

Typically, BetGold slot games have very high RTP numbers, and most of our games are in the house of 94% to 97% of RTP, some of the best numbers of the industry. 

The fact that a game has a high RTP doesn’t necessarily mean it has many bonus games or specific features like cascading wins, lots of reels or jackpots, the slots jargon is pretty vast, and the best thing to understand it clearly is to analyse each term individually through our series of slots betting guides.

Online Casino Slot Bonus Games Influences The RTP

Typically, slot games feature the so-called ‘base game’, that is the screen where the game starts. At this screen, you will typically find the grid featuring a format that is normally 5 reels and 3 rows, or a 5×5 format, featuring fifteen and 25 symbols respectively after you spin the reels.

There are, however, many other formats that can be found, but the most usual ones are the 5×3 and the 5×5. The number of symbols and reels doesn’t affect the probabilities of the game, these are set by the studio that develops the game.

The bonus game is a separate screen in which you will find different features, that could be a different grid format, special symbols, or a jackpot game, but in essence you will be transported to a new screen with special benefits.

The bonus games can be especially amusing to slot game fans, and when you trigger a bonus game, it usually means you got lucky and your chances of profiting are bigger than at the base game. Jackpot games normally feature a separate jackpot bonus game mode, where you can win millions!

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